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Dill Ventures is an entrepreneur hub that we founded to develop innovative, blue ocean ideas.

  • 2012

    Our Humble Beginnings

    We started discussing new, interesting and maybe even controversial ideas for new business ventures. Eventually we started planning our first project and did a very though analysis about how we can realize our idea.

  • 2013

    Dill Ventures was founded

    Eventually we realized we need to stop thinking and start doing. So here we are.

  • 2014

    Our first project

    We started our first and highly innovative business solution for tablets. Check it up on


  • 2014

    We launched project #2

    We just started our innovative Business Service Network. See how our latest idea works on


  • 2015

    Dill Analytics

    We partner with some great friends and amazing professionals to do advanced analytics and software


  • 2019


    Dill Analytics has just started an automated real-estate valuation solution


  • 2020


    Dill Analytics has launched cfo.tools - a financial support solution!


  • Why Dill?

    We were inspired by this plant and (1) its the ability to address multiple needs, (2) its unconventional characteristics, (3) its survival skills, (4) its beautiful fractal-like leaf and flower structure. Dill is often considered "ordinary" and now we hope you will see it differently.

  • Expect

The Core Team

Stefan Markov


Nikolay Markov


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